Nordic Hygge Push Broom

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Meet UltraBroom - our Outdoor Push Broom Heavy Duty with patent pending Sweep Technology. 

The Ultra Broom is a revolutionary new outdoor push broom that features a unique "dual action" V Sweep Technology that makes sweeping outdoor debris more effortless and efficient than a traditional push broom.

The patented V Sweep spring mechanism reduces time and effort and allows the broom to "flick" dirt, rocks, leaves, and clippings, into a more concise pile for more efficient clean up. 

Ultra Broom also has a lcok mechanism to keep the broom in a V Formation if desried. It is compact, light weight, and features a telescoping handle which allows it to be stored in less space after use by taking it off and using the clips to store the handle when not in use.

The broom in the V Sweep mode goes from a width of 19.5" to 20".  The handle telescopes from 34.25" to 55" in length.

• More efficient sweeping
• Compact Storage
• 20" sweep diameter
• Tought nylon construction

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